In memory of Johnny Peret

In memory of Johnny Peret
In memory of my friend Johnny Peret, vibist, drummer, accordeonist extraordinaire

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Supraphon, Gramofonový Klub

This is the album that introduced me to Gustav Brom.  It remains my favorite among Brom’s substantial discography.  The suite-like Rubicon (14:31) deserves to be considered a milestone in trippy jazz. I do not know what they were smoking but this track is a pure gem. Forget Zappa’s lame attempts at mixing jazz with avant-rock or modern classical, he never managed to get his bands to swing.  Now listen to Gustav Brom … 

It is not my habit to re-post albums found on other blogs but yesterday I was searching the web and realized that this album was nowhere to be found in the blogsphere.   It used to be there, that’s how I got this rip.  Was it from the short-lived Iron Curtain Classics or some other long-gone blogs? I can’t remember, so many good blogs have vanished over the years.  Whoever ripped it did a pretty good job and deserves a word of thank.  This music is so good, it needs to be accessible, hence me reposting it.

The album is well known among collectors and aficionados for the great scat vocals from Helena Bleharova in "Cerny Pasazer - Stowaway", a beautiful example of European vocal jazz.  Also worth mentioning is their version of George Russell’s Stratusphunk. 

There was a bootleg re-issue in UK a few years ago (Treasure Trove Records) but it is no longer available.

Here is the exact detail of the sessions:

Gustav Brom and his Orchestra : Jaromir Hnilicka (tp,vcl) Mojmir Bartek (tb) Josef Audes (bar) Josef Blaha (p) Alfa Smid (b-g) Milan Rezabek (b) Bill Moody (d)
Prague, December 11-13, 1967

Cloud (Mrak)   Supraphon (CZ) SUA15975

Gustav Brom and his Orchestra : Jaromir Hnilicka, Arthur Pavlicek (tp) Alfa Smid (tp,bgo) Jan Formanek, Mojmir Bartek (tb) Misloslav Petr (as) Zdenek Novak, Bronislav Horak (ts) Josef Audes (bar,cl) Josef Blaha (p,org,oboe) Milan Rezabek (b) Bill Moody, Vaclav Skala (d) Helena Bleharova (vcl)

same loc. & dates:   other tracks

Tracks :   
Side A
1. Rubicon 14:35 
2. Ararat 4:15

Side B: 
1. Strathusphunk 4:25
2. Cerny Pasazer-Stowaway, 2:55
3. Mrak-Cloud 4:05
4. Aschabad 8:30

n.b. Link corrected (04 Oct.)


  1. Thanx for Brom, but after happy link i have it: Gustav Brom Orchestra - Invitation To Dance (thanx again). Pardon my english

  2. Passer le rubicon et vous serez invité à danser !!!
    Cross the Rubicon and you'll be invited to dance !!!

    Paul D.

  3. Oooops!!! ... total confusion! Wrong file! I posted a RAR file of Invitation to Dance, an album of absolutely no jazz interest instead of the actual album i was supposed to post.
    Here is the correct link:

    With thanks to the original ripper & apology to those of you who already downloaded the file and were probably disappointed by what they heard.

  4. never any need to apologize for your gifts. the other album was interesting in showing just how great the span of musicians -- from rock & roll to avant garde jazz -- had to be in DDR and maybe even generally behind iron curtain.

  5. has this been re-upped??? It is like wandering around in Indiana Jones treasure trove museum here but the treasures found in the maze are totally new to me -- and often they are not really here ---... Never heard of Gustav Broma but the comparison to how he has left Zappa in the dust makes my mouth water!!!

  6. NEW LINK:

  7. I was waiting on this re-up for what a month or more... I had no experience with boogieman's high praise, ... i am new to the whole blogosphere actually, less than 2 months... But Boogieman had rung some Pavlovian bell for me and like a dog I was salivating.
    All I can say is I am totally surprised in that i did not really know what to expect BUT THiS IS REALLY FUXING NICE is musci, words are words hard to describe this stuff and whay it is nice... 1) behind the iron curtain makes it interesting before u even hear it. 2) using a synth in a jazz big band way back in 1968, tons of other electronics. 3) as tight as Duke Ellignton big band... just to begin trying to give u a picture... download it!

  8. Thanks for the re-up boogieman, great stuff and very much appreciated !