In memory of Johnny Peret

In memory of Johnny Peret
In memory of my friend Johnny Peret, vibist, drummer, accordeonist extraordinaire

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Très rare ! Another extremely rare Belgian LP

Nederlandse Pocketplaat - NPP 6006, Belgium – 1966

“Très très rare.  Un guitariste à découvrir sur ce disque introuvable, des compositions très intéressantes.  Fortement recommandé.” (website of Paris Jazz Corner)

An album I found some 40 years ago on Brussels’ Vieux Marché (Flea Market).  The Clouds (not to be confused with the UK prog-folk band that recorded a couple of LPs on Island) was an off-shoot of the BRT Jazz Orkest.  They recorded this obscure LP and an even rarer 45 rpm EP

This LP sees the band exploring a repertoire of traditional Flemish and Afrikaans folksongs and re-arranging them for jazz interpretation.  It could be called Chamber Jazz but some arrangements are fairly advanced and the result is strangely compelling.  It doesn’t sound like anything else I’ve heard.  Frans L’Eglise displays a strong influence of Paul Desmond but then a song like “Nooi van die velde” (an Afrikkans traditional song) would not be out of place on a compilation of obscure spiritual jazz.  In a country – and time – that produced records such as those of the Brussels Art Quintet, Babs Robert & the Love Planet or Raphael, everything was possible.

Brussels ' s Flea Market - Place du Jeu de Balles / Vossenplein

And then, there is the great Freddy Sunder on guitar, another unsung hero of Belgian Jazz, better known as a TV variety shows entertainer in the 60s and a pioneer of Belgian novelty Boogie / pre-Rock & Roll in the 50s (on the legendary Ronnex label).

Freddy Sunder

Probably because of his rarity outside of Belgium, this record seems to have escaped the radar of most collectors.  Is it because all the titles are in Dutch or Afrikaans?
Be adventurous and give this strange but beautiful album a listen. 

A1.  Cecilia
A2.  Schoon lief
A3.  Twee koningskinderen
A4.  Nooi van die velde
B1.  Vier weverkens
B2.  Sneewwit vogeltje
B3.  Island bedroefde kust
B4.  Heer Halewijn

Armand Van De Walle (drums, klokkenspel)
Clem De Maeyer (contrabas)
Frans L'Eglise (altsaxofoon)
Freddy Sunder (gitaar)
Jean Evans (piano)
Johnny Scott (fluit)

Techniek / opname: Paul Leponce

The Clouds discography:
The Clouds - Vinyl LP album – 1966 - Nederlandse Pocketplaat - NPP 6006
The Clouds EP - Vinyl 7'' EP – Year ? - BRT - 10 136

n.b. the personnel is slightly different on the EP :

Armand Van De Walle (drums)
Charlie Knegtel (trompet)
Clem De Maeyer (contrabas)
Freddy Sunder (gitaar)
Herman Sandy (trompet)
Willy Albimoor (klavecimbel)

If anyone has this EP, I’d be very interested in getting and posting a rip

(info on the EP comes from here)


  1. Listen and say sumtin'

  2. your write up has me curious, on the dl thanks

  3. It seems they have another EPs, according with discography:

    THE CLOUDS (Belgian)
    Belgian vocal group known for modern arrangements made on old Flemish folk songs, usually accompanied by
    the regular rhythm section of the Francis Bay Orchestra. Only the following items (maybe even without The
    Clouds, vcl) but under the same heading, made for the BRT Belgian Radio and Television network, are of
    Pros Creado (fl-2) Robert De Rijcke (Hammond org-1) Freddy Sunder (g,arr,ldr) Clement De Mayer (b,arr)
    Armand Van De Walle (d) Jack Sels (vcl)
    Brussels, 1965
    FE9958 Free blowing (1) BRT (B)EP19
    FE9958 Allegria (2) -
    FE9959 From three to four -
    FE9959 Pinky -
    FE9962 You've changed my life (B)EP21
    FE9962 Springtime -
    FE9963 For you my love -
    FE9963 I'm on my way -

    1. THESE are some more the clouds for the BRT label
      the clouds - mixed - easy feelings
      the clouds - here we are - hottess
      the clouds - hall's blues
      the clouds - casino song -just a sign
      the clouds - midnight - chips
      the clouds - once in a lifetime - you're of the beat
      the clouds - not an easy waltz - kiddies delight
      the clouds - sweet with a beat - autumn time

    2. Thanks Luis & Sunbop. I do not have with me here a copy of Pernet's authoritative Discography of Belgium Jazz - too heavy to travel with! I'll ask a friend to check whether these references are already in. About the BRT label, are they EP (4 tracks) ? Never seen /heard of them. I know that the BRT had released music of the BRT Jazz Orkest on LP but it was not for commercial purpose. Never managed to get hold of one. Cheers,

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  4. Thanks for this nice little rarity. Interesting to hear the British musician Johnny Scott doing a grand job on flute.

  5. Sounds great! Will have to give it a try, many thanks Boogieman.

  6. Thanks for bringing this rare record to my attention.
    A great share and much appreciated.

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    dommage que c'est dead.

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