In memory of Johnny Peret

In memory of Johnny Peret
In memory of my friend Johnny Peret, vibist, drummer, accordeonist extraordinaire

Saturday, September 1, 2012


MIKE CARR & his Trio
LIVE @ RONNIE SCOTT’S   (Spotlite SPJ 517, UK, 1979)

Every record in my collection has a story.  I remember where I bought / got everyone of them.  This one was found on a small brocante Place Schweitzer in Berchem Ste Agathe (Brussels) in the Nineties, on a greyish autumn Saturday.  The brocante took place once a month.  I was always looking for the same guy with crates of LPs at 100 FB (2.5 €), all mixed up but I knew that  there was always a diamond hidden among the dross.  That’s where I found this LP – a test pressing (no label on the record). And also the Andre Condouant LP posted earlier, The Norma Green Pierre Cavalli LP (that I'll post soon, a double album of the Art Ensemble of Chicago on BYG (re-issued) and another one on ECM, Neil Ardley’s Kaleidoscope of Rainbow, some Billy May on Capitol (that's Bachelor's Pad kinda music, but very enjoyable nevertheless) and quite a few other oddities (a couple of Command LP, a whole set of Tangerine Dream and some other kraut /space rock).  As a matter of fact, few people were interested in that kind of music in the early Nineties in Brussels. Jazz collectors were into straight jazz (Blue Note, Prestige …), baby boomers were into classic rock and, blues but few were interested in European jazz.  The trend would come a few years later thanks to Gilles Peterson’s compilations. 

The funny thing is that the photo on the back sleeve was taken, not at Ronnie Scott’s, but at the (now defunct) Brussels Jazz Club (actually i forgot to scan the sleeve, the picture above is taken from the web.  I won't be home for a while so you'll have to wait for the back photo).

I hope you'll enjoy this excellent live set.  It’s an energetic set and the musicans have a lot of room to stretch. I don’t think these guys need any introduction.  Mike Carr’s work on the bass pedals is impressive, it takes a lot of stamina to play like that.  Jim Mullen is outstanding (his solo in It’s Impossible is a tour de force) and Trinidad-born Harold Smith is an efficient drummer. 

1. Claremont Avenue
2. Teach me tonight
3. Shaw 'nuff
4. It's impossible
5. Footloose

Mike Carr e. piano, organ
Jim Mullen guitar
Harold Smith drums & vocals

Recorded on Friday Aug 30, 1979


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  2. Hey boogieman
    Been a while since I dropped by here, and as always you keep dropping plenty of good stuff.
    It'd be great to see a scan of that back cover, whenever you can get to it.
    Keep up the great work!

  3. Thanks very much for this one. Jim Mullen always worth a listen anyways.

  4. great post
    enjoy it very much
    can't thank you enough!!!