In memory of Johnny Peret

In memory of Johnny Peret
In memory of my friend Johnny Peret, vibist, drummer, accordeonist extraordinaire

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

JAZZ & STRINGS – the Belgian Touch

Steve Houben + strings
featuring Guy Cabay / Michel Herr / Dennis Luxion (Belgium, 1982)

 For many years Belgian saxophonist / flautist Steve Houben had a dream: that one day he’d  set up a big band associating a jazz ensemble and a string section.  In 1983, the dream became reality ! It was a première in the fairly rich history of Belgian Jazz.  This first experiment in Belgium met a real popular, if un-expected, success, and was especially well received on stage. 
Obviously, the formula filled the expectation of a large and curious public, demonstrating that there was an audience for sophisticated and adventurous jazz in Belgium.

The success of the record rests obviously on the talent of Steve Houben but benefits greatly from the combined talents of the three composers - Michel Herr, Guy Cabay and Denis Luxion – who crafted 12 original pieces especially for the project.

The original album was released on the LDH label in 1983 and it is the original LP which was used for this rip.  The album was remixed and re-released on CD in 1995 on the Igloo label.
I thought it was OOP but it is still available from Igloo.  Which raises a bit of a conscience dilemma: should I still post it or shouldn’t I?
I do not think that I’m doing a disservice to Steve Houben or Igloo by bringing this music to the attention of a much larger international audience.

So listen to the album and if you like it, buy it here.

Tracks :
1. The lady in red shoes (Dennis Luxion)
2. Thinking of you (M. Herr)
3. Ephémérides (Guy Cabay)
4. Unsung song (Dennis Luxion)
5. Pastel puzzle for Toots : Ouverture, Choral, Little Blues, Désinence (Guy Cabay)
6. Long distance (M. Herr) (theme from the tv film San Francisco)

Musicians :
Steve Houben - alto & soprano saxophone, flute
Michel Herr - piano, composer/arranger of tracks 2 & 6
Guy Cabay - vibraphone, composer/arranger of tracks 3 & 5
Dennis Luxion -piano, composer/arranger of tracks 1 & 4
Michel Hatzigeorgiou - electric bass
Mimi Verderame - drums
+ string section, conducted by the composers

Recorded in 1982 at Gam studio in Waismes, Belgium. LP (LDH 1004).
A CD version, remixed, was released in 1995 (Igloo IGL121).


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  2. RE-POST

    Houben SideA :
    Houben SideB :

    Ripped in FLAC from original LP with some surface noise to make it sound real. If you want a cleaner no-noise sound you can always purchase the CD. Actually I'd much encourage you to do so.

  3. Sorry, je n'avais pas vu qu'il était réuppé. Many Thanks ! ;)