In memory of Johnny Peret

In memory of Johnny Peret
In memory of my friend Johnny Peret, vibist, drummer, accordeonist extraordinaire

Thursday, October 27, 2011


(Maurício Carrilho, Paulo Sérgio Santos and Pedro Amorim, Brasil, 1993)

It's amazing what one could find in discounted bin. Some of the best music I have comes straight from the 1 € CD bin.  And this OOP CD is a case in point. Absolutely delightful music!

I forgot to scan the sleeve notes but here is what AMG has to say about this group:

O Trio is a choro group which has been giving an important contribution for the development of the tradition. O Trio has no percussion, instead they count on two of the most experienced choro players in Brazil and an internationally awarded classical wind musician (also an excellent chorão). They're searching for a kind of flexibility that withdraws from folklore, but manages to keep their music deeply emotional and faithful to the choro genre while absorbing erudite influences. In 1986, Maurício Carrilho (violão or acoustic guitar), Pedro Amorim (mandolin/violão tenor), and Paulo Sérgio Santos (clarinet, soprano/alto saxes) teamed up to celebrate Radamés Gnattali's 80th anniversary. After performances in Europe, U. S., and Japan, they recorded their first album, O Trio (released in Europe in 1993), which was praised by critics and won the 1994 Sharp prize as best instrumental album. O Trio also won the 1994 Sharp prize as best instrumental group. In 1995 O Trio recorded an album accompanying Teca Calazans.

This album mixes traditional choro numbers by the great composers such as Ernesto Nazareth, Pixinguinha etc. with Scott Joplin's ragtimes,  There is definitely a common Afro-American heritage underlaying these New World musics (and one could also include early Tango in the list).

Beautiful music, hope you'll enjoy it!

Comin' soon : rare Swedish Jazz ... à suivre!


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    1. Mr Boogieman, what a deception to find no link in choro and i'm quite sure that you're absolutely right in your comments about this piece. maybe there's some way to get that link back here. would be so nice!

  2. Thanks, Boogieman, for pointing us to great albums and, where you can, in this new anti-sharing, policing, internet atmosphere, sharing with us what you ethically and legally can. I'm also glad for the artists in that you are enhancing their reputation and fandom.


    I'm glad to see some interest in this post eventually. It was initially posted in October 2011 and did not generate any reaction. Very sad considering the beauty of the music. I hope this time it will generate a bit more enthusiasm.

  4. My prayers were listened to!!! i guess that nice pope foto of yours helped the deal, the Boogieman got me! thanx a lot and not only for this one, which is indeed very nice chorinho. but for the silk world music group, the good buddies, les cordes et lames,un grand merci. well for all those reups at all and the effort to run this nice blog with such amazing and unknown things. you got me for the larry o'neill as well, i'll have to check it! may joy and happiness fill your days!

  5. Thanks El Tortuga, your comments filled me with joy & happiness! I like to share the music i like and I'm glad when it makes someone happy.Cheers

  6. Dear Mister B, I don't quite know how I ended up here, but I am very happy to have stumbled into this choro recording. Having been exploring the music of Brasil for only little more than fifteen years or so, I remain an enthusiastic neophyte who appreciates every chance to hear the good stuff like this.

  7. It's funny, Boogieman, I'm dloading this recording after all your good references.
    I passed trhough my eyes - here in Brasil/Rio - and I simply didn't care about it! That's my second chance and I'll won't lose it!
    Thank you for your recomendations!

  8. I've only known about choro for around 3 years and finding something I haven't seen on the Brazilian blogs is a treat. Many thanks!