In memory of Johnny Peret

In memory of Johnny Peret
In memory of my friend Johnny Peret, vibist, drummer, accordeonist extraordinaire

Saturday, September 3, 2011

RARITY #10: a rare French Treat from 1962!

Special Festival d’Antibes Juan Les Pins
(33T - 25 cm, Polydor 45585, FRANCE, 1962)

 A special treat to mark the tenth entry in the « Rarities » series.  Actually the Rarities are the most downloaded posts (although it is not always reflected in the number of comments …). Anyway, last week end, browsing through a pile of old dusty LPs in a Moroccan Souk, I found a copy of an old French LP by Jacques Denjean et son Orchestre: “Un Disque à Tout Casser … “ (1963)  on French Polydor (the LP was released in 1964 outside of France under the title “The Tough Touch”) a collection of typical French mid-sixties cheesy soul jazz / go go instrumentals.  Lotsa fun!  I was considering posting it but realized it’s already available on a couple of blogs.  As was customary at the time, the back cover displays small pictures of other records of a similar style or related artists that may interest the buyer. I was intrigued by the pictures of another album by Jacques Denjean et son Grand Orchestre de Jazz – Special Festival d’Antibes - Juan-Les-Pins. A 10” (25 cm) 33 rpm album with eight tracks.

 I contacted a few collectors friends and for sure, there it was, in Paul D’s collection.  “I have it” he said “but I haven’t played it for decades and it’s probably in poor condition, anyway I’ll see what I can do”. It took him a week of restoration work and caused the loss of his last remaining hair but the result is here: a pure gem of early sixties French big band jazz. 

I said it is very rare, just check on the web. You may find it occasionally but expect to pay three figures, whether you pay in USD, Euro or Pounds!

The tracklist was a bit confusing as the tracks were mixed up on side A.  For instance track four was not “Studio 1” but “Walkin’”, a theme easily recognizable.  We’ve solved that and now the tracks have the right title.

Tracklist :
A1          Flash                                       (J. Denjean)
A2          Tenor Contest                         (J. Denjean)
A3          Walking                                  (G. Ammons)
A4          Studio 1                                  (J. Denjean)
B1          The Champ                             (D. Gillespie)
B2          Saint Louis Blues                    (W. C. Handy)
B3          Honky Tonk Tonk                  (A. Combelle, J. Denjean)
B4          Halleluyah                              (Grey, Robin*, Youmans)

Trumpet – Georges Bence, Louis Laboucarie, Michel Poli, Pierre Dutour
Trombone – François Guin, Michel Camicas, Michel Stekkar, Raymond Fonsèque
Alto Saxophone – Jacques Nouredine, Jean-Louis Chautemps
Tenor Saxophone – Dominique Chanson, Gérard Badini
Baritone Saxophone – Henri Jouot
Bass Clarinet – Pierre Sim
Guitar – Paul Piguillem (tracks: A1, A2, A4, B3)
Drums – Philippe Combelle (tracks: A1, A2, A4, B3), René Nan (tracks: A3, B1, B2, B4)
Arranged By, Trumpet – Ivan Jullien
Conductor – Jacques Denjean
Liner Notes – Aris Destombes
Photography By – J.P. Leloir

Don't forget to say a big Thank U to Paul for his fantastic restoration work and subsequent loss of hair. Gift of "lotion capillaire" (hair lotion) will be greatly appreciated.



  1. Ripped from the original 10" vinyl and beautifully restored by Master Paul D.
    Full scans included, ain't that a treat!

    JDJGOJ_1962.rar (76.16 MB)

  2. It' curious that the first 4 tracks are mp3 128 and the remaining four are wav! Thanks for the post.

  3. Hi Luis, thanks for pointing out this discrepancy. Probably made an error when saving the individual tracks. Here is the complete side A as a single WAV file. Easy to chop in 4 tracks with the relevant program / freeware (e.g. Audacity) but I don't have the time to do it right now.
    Dejean side A.rar (98.27 MB)


  4. Already over 100 DL and only one little comment!

  5. Thanks for this beauty. It shows there is more than Francy in France

  6. Thanks, boogieman. Soon sorted and converted. Great to get this gem.

  7. Sorry, forgot to include Paul in the appreciation. Thank you, Paul - hope the hair will grow back eventually. My remedy is brandy rubbed into the scalp but I'm afraid I have to tell you it doesn't work.

  8. Thanks a lot Boogieman ! and thanks to Paul who has done a miracle by sharing this rarity !

    Interesting to hear the arrangements of the (very) young Ivan Jullien.

  9. Downloaded this a while ago but I've only just played it.

    BM is right - Paul D's presentation of this lovely recording sets the standard! Many thanks.

  10. I've stumbled to your blog... fantastique.... Thanks!

  11. Hi, Boogieman, any possibility of up again?
    It seems atractive!
    Anyway, thanks for prersenting; I'll keep it!

    1. Hi cvllos,

      I have re-posted the whole "rarity" series on THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 16, 2012 - RARITY SERIES RE-POST
      The link works.

    2. Please, don't bother.
      When I tried, the server informed
      Такого файла не существует, доступ к нему ограничен или он был удален из-за нарушения авторских прав.
      In Google translation:
      The file does not exist, access is limited or has been removed due to copyright infringement.
      May be there's some restriction to South America. Anyway, thank you.

  12. It works from where I am:
    The record is 50 y. old, beyond copyright infringement'

    1. Dear Boogieman
      I do appreciate your kindness; right now this mediafire link works very well, on a 240kB/s! Wonderful.
      These french bands from the 50's have done great compositions, like Persiani, Hodeir, etc, etc.

  13. NEW LINK:

  14. Thank you very much for the re-up.missed it first time out.

  15. Me too got it this time.
    My appreciation goes to Paul D and to you. Thanks!