In memory of Johnny Peret

In memory of Johnny Peret
In memory of my friend Johnny Peret, vibist, drummer, accordeonist extraordinaire

Saturday, September 24, 2011


CAPE JAZZ CLASSICS (South Africa, 1995.)

I love South African Jazz.  This is amother CD I picked up in Jo’Burg in the early 00’s.
Don’t dismiss it as some cheap Gallo compilation, this is a selection of live tracks by some of Cape Town Icons (Basil “Mannenberg” Coetzee, Robbie Jansen, Winston “Makunku” Ngosi, Hilton Schilder  …). There is no indication of the recording dates.  

I was lucky to see some of those guys “live” at a small festival at the University of Cape Town in 1988 and they sounded pretty much like what’s on this CD so I guess these are late 80s early 90s recordings.

Robbie Jansen

Anyhow, these versions are as good or even better than any studio version I’ve heard. 

1.  Robbie Jansen & Sons of Table Mountain

   Tsakwe / Royal Blue

Robbie Jansen              alto saxophone & vocals
Alex van Heerden        fluegelhorn
Hilton Schilder             piano
Steven Erasmus            bass
Jack Mompie                drums

Hilton Schilder

Sylvia Mdnunyelwa

         2.   Sylvia Mdnunyelwa with guest Winston “Makunku” Ngosi  

Sylvia Mdnunyelwa     vocal
Winston “Makunku” Ngosi          tenor sax
George Werner             piano
Spencer Mbadu            bass
Babes Ndamase            drums
Winston "Makunku" Ngosi

3.        Pat Matshikza with guest Basil “Mannenberg” Coetzee
          Stop & Start

Pat Matshiksa
Pat Matshikza               piano & vocals
Basil “Mannenberg” Coetzee        tenor sax
Spencer Mbadu            bass
Ivan Bell                      drums

4. Robbie Jansen & Sons of Table Mountain
  Kalahari Thirst
Same as (1)
5. Pat Matshikza
with guests Basil “Mannenberg” Coetzee & Robbie Jansen

Same as (3) + Robbie Jansen : alto sax

6.      Ezra & Duke Ngcukana        You think you know me

Ezra Ngcukana

Ezra Ngcukana             tenor sax
Duke Ngcukana            fluegelhorn
George Werner             piano
Spencer Mbadu             bass
Babes Ndamase            drums

Duke Ngcukana
7.      Robbie Jansen & Sons of Table Mountain   Mannenberg

Same as (1) and (4)

To me the highlights are the Sons of Table Mountain tracks, the infectious “Stop & Start” and the Pat Matshikza track with both Coetzee and Jansen,  … If these tracks don’t get you shaking your booty, you’re either stone deaf or you ‘ve got a hole in your soul !  There’s so  much love and happiness in this music!


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  2. hi BM, long time no type...
    gave this post a try, but alas, I hit the delete button soon after. To my defense: I'm still not deaf and unlike my wallet I haven't got a hole in me soul m8 [:-) just not my kinda thing.
    late 80's - early 90's are notorious known for..
    well, I leave THAT to your imagination
    peace, E-mile

  3. Hi E-mile,
    well considering the scarcity of comments, I assume a negative comment is better than none. Sorry you didn't like it. I was listening to the CD while posting it and I still think it's a good record but as u know "Over smaken en kleuren valt niet te twisten" ... Cheers

  4. I too love S.A. jazz and I like this set. It swings and the solos are pretty good. Thanks for posting it!

  5. BM, you're so right! all the hard work we do, we're entitled to have something like "een eigenste smaak" right? [:-) besides you got a positive reaction from agmosk, so that sets the counter straight...don't be sorry for me hitting the delete button, it's mos prob my loss.
    if you have the time (en goesting!) I can introduce you to some private spots waar je waarschijnlijk (nog!) meer mooie muziek en wat dies meer zij kunt bekomen, kortom als je je horizon wat wilt verbreden (sick), kan ik je 'voordragen' om lezer cq poster te worden op sommige blogs waar ik ook ronddwaal, maar waar je wel een invite voor nodig hebt...just say the woord, oftwel, laat me het weten, Boogieman!
    regards, E-mile

  6. Thanks E-mile but for the time being I can't even manage to listen to all the music i've downloaded from blogs + records i continue to buy ...goesting heb ik maar tijd niet! Later zeker. Thanks again mate!

  7. wanneer later nu bekomen is spreken we verder [:-)

  8. Love SA Jazz, and there is so little Robbie Jensen out there- so thank you!

  9. Bum. This sounded so interesting and the link is gone. I like SA jazz too, but am really pretty ignorant about it overall. Still, only 61, plenty of time to learn more yet...I hope.

    1. Hi Greg, I'll re-up it soon. Just gotta find the CD ... By the way, as you're interested in SA Jazz, check ElectricJive, superb blog with very rare and beautiful SA music.

    2. Oooh oooh, thank you very much for that recommendation! I spend more time than I ought going around music blogs for exciting OP material, but hadn't found that one. Mind you I hadn't found yours until the mention on britjazz either - and I am SO glad to have a copy of the Steve Bauer, that's an extraordinary record.

  10. Hi Greg,
    Here is a new link;

  11. Thank you! I have finally got back to checking this site and I am most pleased to get this (and several other things tonight too!). Great stuff, I do appreciate your effort.

    There's so much good music - all of it OP or otherwise fantastically hard to obtain - on this and other topclass blogs. I am so grateful to be exposed to so much that I might otherwise never encounter.

    1. Great record! is that my new favourite version of 'Mannenberg'? It may be!