In memory of Johnny Peret

In memory of Johnny Peret
In memory of my friend Johnny Peret, vibist, drummer, accordeonist extraordinaire

Sunday, August 14, 2011


(Keytone LP, NL, 1974)

Another Charlie Mariano LP from the Seventies thanks to JC.   

1974 was a busy year for Charlie Mariano, he appears on ten recording sessions, including two under his own name:  this one with Chris Hinze and Reflections with a group of Finnish all stars.

The LP was produced by Chris Hinze and released on his own private label, Keytone.

In addition to Chris Hinze himself, the musicians were all members or close associates of the Chris Hinze Combination, namely the rhythm pair of John Lee and Gerry Brown, the keyboards of Jasper van ‘t Hof and Rob van den Broek, Philip Catherine and Michael Samson on guitar.

Van ‘t Hof, Catherine and Mariano will form  Porkpie shortly after this recording, so it gives you an idea what to expect.


A1          Suite Of The Festival               Composed by  Chris Hinze                             5:01
A2          Harriet                                       Composed by  John Lee                                 6:28
A3          Quest                                          Composed by John Lee                                  4:08
A4          Electric Funk Jungle                Composed by Charlie Mariano                      5:46
B1          Cascade                                      Composed by Charlie Mariano                      5:31
B2          Piece For Banjo And Kazoo     Composed by – Charlie Mariano                   9:00
B3          Locus                                          Composed by John Lee                                  4:22

Charlie Mariano        Saxophone [Alto, Soprano], Flute [Wooden Indian Flutes], Reeds [Nagafvaram] –
Chris Hinze                          Flute
Philip Catherine                Spanish Guitar, Electric Guitar
Michaël Samson                Electric Guitar
Jasper Van 't Hof               Electric Piano [Fender Piano], Organ
Rob Van Den Broeck        Piano, Fender Rhodes
John Lee                               Bass [Acoustic, Electric]
Gerry Brown                       Drums, Percussion

Ripped from original LP (lossless, big file!)

For a comprehensive Mariano’s discography, please refer to the Charlie Mariano Tribute website.

If you like what you’ve heard, check this other Hinze / Mariano album (Blue Stone, 1973) here


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  2. All involved, thanks for this post

  3. Thank you so much for this one - I owned a copy of this but stupidly sold it on e-bay a few years back...have been looking for it since

  4. RE-POST
    Side one:
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  5. thank you for the rare Charlie mariano !

  6. Oh man, am i happy that i did a tour of your blog once more!!! i am amazed by these Mariano records and really happy you re-uped this stuff! And the OM record as well. i'm listening to it right now and enjoying it so much. i somehow recognize the mood of the time this music was played although i didn't know the most of this records. but i do know the feeling, the dream we were seeking after. and things did happen then that somehow changed the course of history and not only musicaly. Thanks a lot Boogieman, i'm discovering Mariano in a way i was not aware of. i was only familiar with the late (and wonderful) records in the carnatic tradition and knew litle about him. it is beeing a wonderful revelation amongst some others like the Laswel stuff for instance. thank you so very much man! this site is close to be a wish fulfilling tree! i hope and wish yours will be fulfilled as well. cheers!

  7. boogieman, Thanks again for the repost. Any chance of reposting Charlie Mariano Cascade & October? Thanks in advance.

    1. Here is Cascades:

      One of my favorite Mariano LPs from that period. Philip Catherine was a daring and inventive guitarplayer in the Seventies (he's still great but too mainstream these days IMHO). He shoulda been bigger but being Belgian did not help ...

      RE-post of October and Crystal Bells will follow soon (see links comments of respective posts).

  8. Could you please repost the FLAC files? Thank you!