In memory of Johnny Peret

In memory of Johnny Peret
In memory of my friend Johnny Peret, vibist, drummer, accordeonist extraordinaire

Friday, November 22, 2013


EP MANHATTAN 66035C (EP)        GERMANY, 1958  

Onxidlib sent me a rip of this rare little EP several months ago.  I hesitated a long time before posting it because it was not in too good condition despite onx' efforts to clean it.  
But there is only so much one could do and  
it is the only occasion probably for most of us to hear this beautiful music ... so here it is.

If anyone has a better copy or the complete Bertelsmanm LP, I'd be delighted to post it.

Albert Mangelsdorff is especially good on these tracks.

Albert Mangelsdorff, trombone
Hans Koller, tenor saxophone
Helmuth Reinhardt, baritone saxophone  
Hans Hammerschmid, piano
Peter Trunk, bass
Rudi Sehring, drums

A1. Hard Blues (Mangelsdorff)
A2. Back In Paradise (Hammerschmid)

B.  I'll Close My Eyes (Reid)

Recorded March 26 - 28, 1958 in Baden-Baden, Germany.

Original (?) release on BERTELSMANN 7753 (LP) with seven more titles.

P.S :  at the request of visitors, I am reposting Wolfang Lauth's Life Dance and the last track of Stanley Cowell 's Blues for Viet Cong.

Get' em while it lasts!!!


  1. With thanks to onxidlib.

  2. just checked and this is the same session(s) as rarity #48 which seems to be 7753 and EP not LP. We now therefore have 7 titles from these sessions. Are there more ? Anybody with Koller discog ?

  3. I've just checked it and zoot's claim is correct!
    There were two EPs from the session on March 26-28, 1958.
    Track A2 from this post is not "Back In Paradise" - it was misnamed.
    The correct title is "Willi der Bär"!
    Also they recorded four more titles: If I Had You - Stella By Starlight - There'll Be Never Another You and Back In Paradise.
    Apparantly these four tunes were never issued...

  4. Thanks Zoot & onxidlib
    From W Bruinincks discography (thanks to Paul D.):

    JAZZTIME BADEN BADEN / Jazz made in germany
    Hans Koller's New Jazz Stars : Albert Mangelsdorff (tb) Hans Koller (ts) Helmut Reinhardt (bar) Hans Hammerschmid (p) Peter Trunk (b) Rudi Sehring (d)
    Baden‑Baden, March 26‑28, 1958
    Goofing Bertelsmann 66015 (EP), 7753 (EP)
    Marionetten -
    Stardust (am,hr out) ‑
    Dandy ‑
    Hard blues Bertelsmann 36734 (EP), Manhattan 66035C (EP)
    Willi der Bär (1) same
    I'll close my eyes same
    If I had you (unissued)
    Stella by starlight -
    There'll never be another you -
    Back in paradise -
    Note : (1) Erroneously issued as "Back in paradise".
    A ma connaissance, il n'y a jamais eu de LP de cette session !!!

    1. Merci Paul et Didier pour la clarification!

  5. some connection here with the SWR radio concerts in Baden Baden ? hard to believe a recording session which apparently took three days produced only 7 usable masters.

  6. Thank you very much for this rarity.

  7. Amazing post - i never thought I'd hear this session! Many thanks to all concerned.