In memory of Johnny Peret

In memory of Johnny Peret
In memory of my friend Johnny Peret, vibist, drummer, accordeonist extraordinaire

Thursday, January 10, 2013


( LP JAZZTONE J-1259, AUSTRIA, 1962 )

From the vault of Paul D., a very rare LP documenting some fairly advanced Austrian  jazz played in the early 60s by an “Austrian All Stars Band”.  The recording features two different group settings:

Side A (1-4) Friedrich Gulda (bs, fl) Fatty George (cl) Dick Merphy (tp) Hans Koller, Hans Solomon (ts) Erich Kleinschster (tb) Robert Palitzer (tuba) Hans Rettenbacher (b) Vikter Plasil (ds) 
Side B (5-8) Hans Koller (ts) Friedrich Gulda (p)  Hans Rettenbacher (b) Vikter Plasil (ds)

Side A – pianoless as Gulda plays baritone – is the most interesting – and advanced.  It recalls the spirit of some US “Jazz Workshops” (Mingus a.o.)

Side B is in quartet, a showcase for both Hans Koller and Gulda’s display of virtuosity (Cherokke a.o.).

All in all a very satisfying album. 

I do not think it has been re-issued (or perhaps under a different name?).  Does anyone know of a re-issue?
Shame if it hasn't, this music deserves to be heard.

A1 The Horn And I
A2 My Funny Valentine
A3 Sto-Vie-Lon
A4 Blue Most
B1 The Opener
B2 East Of The Sun
B3 Margaret Rose
B4 Cherokee

Baritone Saxophone, flute – Friedrich Gulda
Trumpet – Dick Murphy
Trombone – Erich Kleinschuster
Tuba – Robert Politzer 
Tenor Saxophone – Hans Koller, Hans Salomon
Clarinet – Fatty George
Bass – Hans Rettenbacher
Drums – Viktor Plasil

Jazztone CH pressing (manufactured in Switzerland by Turicaphon “Tu” ca. 1962, European original issue).

Beautifully ripped and restored by Paul D.


  1. LP rip in WAV:
    Cover scan:
    With thanks to Paul D.

  2. At least it isn't available since sixteen years - 100%.

    Maybe in Japan there was a re-issue sometime ago...but not in Germany and/or Austria.

    As far as I know it was never re-released in Europe at all!

    My thanks go to Paul D and you - excellent music and post!

  3. profound thanks for the public service of making this music available

    1. Thanks Zoot, unfortunately some grey-suit people keep calling us "pirates" and make it more and more difficult for us to find a reliable platform to share our enthusiasm for OOP music.
      Thanks for your support.

  4. This is quite a find with Gulda on sax. I am glad that you posted it, despite all the problems with file service providers. Thank you so much. I hope you'll be able to dig up more rare and oop vinyl to share.

  5. Thank you very much. There are many jazz and/or free music recordings by Friedrich Gulda (quite unlike most of his classical recordings) that have not been re-issued on audio CD *, and the record companies ignore Emails and postal letters requesting their re-issue on CD, from people who wish to purchase said recordings on CD.

    * Friedrich Gulda - Gulda Jazz
    Friedrich Gulda - Piano
    James "Jimmy" Rowser - Bass
    Albert "Tootie" Heath - Drums
    Label: Amadeo
    Catalog#: AVRS 9165
    Format: Vinyl, LP, Album
    Country: Austria
    Released: 1965
    also re-issued in 1977 by:
    Label: Musical Heritage Society
    MHS Stereo 3554
    Vinyl LP
    Country: USA

    Friedrich Gulda - Ineffable, The Unique Jazz Piano of Friedrich Gulda
    Friedrich Gulda - Piano
    Robert "Bob" Cranshaw - Bass
    Albert "Tootie" Heath - Drums
    Release Date: July 01, 1965
    Label: Columbia (USA)
    Columbia LP - CS 9146

    Friedrich Gulda - The Air From Other Planets
    Friedrich Gulda - Piano
    Release Date: January 01, 1969
    MPS / SABA
    MPS Vinyl LP 15225 ST

    Friedrich Gulda - Vienna Revisited - 1969
    Friedrich Gulda - Piano, Vocals (under the pseudonym of "Albert Golowin")
    J.A. Rettenbacher - Bass
    Manfred Josel - Drums
    MPS Vinyl LP 15226 ST

    Friedrich Gulda - The Long Road To Freedom (Ein musikalisches Selbstportrat in Form eines Lehrgangs)
    Friedrich Gulda - Piano, Vocals on "Seelige Sehnsucht" (under the pseudonym of "Albert Golowin")
    Klaus Weiss - Drums
    MPS Records - MPS 88.021-2 MPS (Most Perfect Sound) Records / BASF: 33 20872-9
    Format: 2 x Vinyl LP
    Country: Germany
    Released: 1971

    Trio ANIMA with Friedrich Gulda 1973
    with Paul and Limpe Fuchs
    trinity one
    trinity two
    label: unknown

    Friedrich Gulda - Paul Fuchs - Limpe Fuchs: It's Up To You
    with Albert Mangelsdorff - Barre Phillips - Mounir Bashir - Gerhard Herrmann - Leszek Zadlo - Ursula Anders
    Label: Preiser Records SPR 3268
    2 x Vinyl LP, Gatefold
    Country: Austria
    Released: 1974

    Friedrich Gulda - Nachricht Vom Lande
    Recorded live in Lungau, Salzburg
    with Barre Phillips, Ursula Anders, Cecil Taylor, John Surman, Albert Mangelsdorff, Stu Martin

    Friedrich Gulda - Tales Of World Music (Was Die Weltmusik Erzahlt...)
    with Mounir Bashir, Dizzy Gillespie, Gunther Rabl, Ursula Anders
    Recorded live at Weltmusiktage Salzburg 1979
    Amadeo AVRS 302
    3 x Vinyl LP, Album
    Genre: Classical and Jazz

    Ursula Anders Mit Friedrich Gulda - Opus Anders
    Intercord - INT 160.155, Amadeo - INT 160.155
    Format: Vinyl, LP
    Country: Austria
    Genre: Classical and Jazz

    Friedrich Gulda & Ursula Anders [Schubert, Schumann, Gulda] - Mondnacht und andere Lieder (MPS GER LP 1981)
    MPS Stereo 0068.278
    - mostly classical recording -

    and some CDs that were limited releases that are long out-of-print include:

    Friedrich Gulda - Liberation
    with Guther Rabl, Ursula Anders
    Amadeo CD Stereo 415 605-2
    Germany 1979

  6. Sorry, for some reason some of the information for one recording didn't appear:

    Friedrich Gulda - Nachricht Vom Lande
    Recorded live in Lungau, Salzburg
    with Barre Phillips, Ursula Anders, Cecil Taylor, John Surman, Albert Mangelsdorff, Stu Martin
    Summer 1976 at SchloB Moosham
    Label: Brain– BRAIN500.018
    2× Viny lLP Gatefold
    Country: Austria
    Released: 1976

  7. This is an oddity and a half - and a rarity too!

    Many thanks BM!