In memory of Johnny Peret

In memory of Johnny Peret
In memory of my friend Johnny Peret, vibist, drummer, accordeonist extraordinaire

Sunday, November 11, 2012


(Acetate, 1954)

David Amram

This rip of a rare acetate was sent to me by onxidlib a while ago.  The session took place in 1954 during Amram 's military service  as a GI stationed in Germany.
Actually there is a book awaiting to be written on  US Jazz musicians doing their military services in Germany in the 50s/60s and their collaboration with the burgeonning local modern jazz scene. (Perhaps it already exists but then I'm unaware of it).

A word of warning on the audio quality of this post. It's an acetate so it's pretty bad.  Paul D. had a few attempts at cleaning it but after listening to the results we decided to post the original rip with surface noise & all as - IMHO - the cleaning was altering the quality of the music.


David Amram, french horn
Albert Mangelsdorff, trombone
Attila Zoller, guitar (3,5), piano (4)
Harry Schell, bass
Karl Sanner, drums

Note: some sources say Jutta Hipp plays on "Dave's Blues".
see also The Attila Zoller Discography here.


1. The Way You Look Tonight  (Jerome Kern, Dorothy Fields) 3:38
2. Perdido  (Juan Tizol, Ervin Drake, Hans Lengsfelder) (interpolating Ravel's BOLERO)  3:16
3. Sonny Boy  (Lew Brown, Buddy DeSylva, Ray Henderson, Al Jolson)  2:33
4. Dave's Blues (David Amram?) [late start due to damaged lacquer] 1:31
5. If I Had You  (Jimmy Campbell, Reg Connelly, Ted Shapiro)  2:42
6. Blue Skies  (Irving Berlin) 2:40

Recorded at the AFN Studios, Frankfurt in autumn, 1954.
Ripped from an acetate (label > Presto)

Recommeded readings: Interview of David Amram at 80 in JazzWax

If you are interested in Amram's  Classical works, check this website: "Symphonic Variations on a Song by Woody Guthrie can be downloaded for free from Symphony Silicon Valley's website featuring a great live performance conducted by Paul Polivinick.

Check also YouTube for live performance of other works (In Memory of Chano Pozo, Ode to Lord Buckley)

I was planning to post next  the Mangelsdorff Septet recorded  live by the Bayerischer Rundfunk @ Stadttheater, Lindau (Germany) on November 20, 1961 but someone did it before me. 
It is a great concert with a superb line up:  
  • Albert Mangelsdorff (trombone)Joki Freund (saxophone)
  • Heinz Sauer (saxophone)
  • Günter Kronberg (saxophone)
  • Emil Mangelsdorff (saxophone)
  • Günter Lenz (bass)
  • Rune Carlsson (drums) 
If you like European / German Jazz, don't miss it.  Check Many Fantastic Colors.  



  2. What a wonderful treasure: I really like this one ! And the sound is better than I expected ! Thanks VERY VERY much to you and onxidlib for making it available here and thus keeping this snippet of music history alive.

  3. Thanks a lot, guys! As a big Amram-fan I'm quite stunned about your post. A treasure it is indeed!

  4. What a great surprise! thank You!

  5. great site i got real excited then found the file was no longer there at zippy
    any chance of a re up?

    1. Hi Robert. the file will be re-posted soon. I'm currently traveling, no access to the files. Next week hopefully.

    2. Here*s the re-up: