In memory of Johnny Peret

In memory of Johnny Peret
In memory of my friend Johnny Peret, vibist, drummer, accordeonist extraordinaire

Thursday, December 1, 2011


(Disque DEBS HDD 523, 1971, France)

 To celebrate the first anniversary of the blog, a rare vinyl from the vault of the Boogieman, ripped and cleaned by Vinyl Wizard Paul D..  I bought this album on a small “brocante" (flea market) when I was working in Brussels, in the mid-nineties.  I found it in a crate  with another fairly rare Debs album, Blue Sunset by Michel Sardaby.  A lucky day it was!

A very underrated guitar player with a bluesy touch, somewhere between Wes Montgomery and Kenny Burrell. André Condouant hails from the island of Guadeloupe, French West Indies,  He is one of the rare French musicians who tried his luck and worked extensively in Scandinavia and Germany (from 1962 to 1970).

There is an extensive bio on his website (here)

This is a superb "lost" album with top notch musicians. It is also the opportunity to hear Eddy Louiss on piano - he's better known as an organist.

Original liner notes by Maurice Cullaz, President Jazz Academy France
It is with an irony tinged with bitterness, that the very good French guitarist André Condouant found out that he had really begun to make himself known to French metropolitan Jazz amateurs, thanks to the excellent recording he made a few years ago in Germany under the label SABA/MPS with such people as Leo Wright, Carmell Jones, Jimmy Woode, Fritz Pauer and Joe Nay, without forgetting Annie Ross. Three reasons can explain the relatively recent discovery of André Condouant by the French: first of all his arrival to Paris from his natal Guadeloupe dates back only to 1957. Moreover he was not to stay in Paris for a long time. Secondly from 1962 until last year, André had lived (and enormously worked) in Sweden, and in Scandinavia, as well as in Germany. And last of all, and this, alas, is not to be put to the credit of the old French Jazz amateurs, there has been, up to the past ten or fifteen years, a prejudice against musicians of West Indian birth, who were supposed to play "their music" better than anyone else but were poorly gifted for Jazz music. Such an opinion seems outrageous to us, who every day, can listen to West-lndian Jazz musicians such as Jacky Samson, Jacques Coursil, Bib Monville, Robert Mavounzy, and others. In the USA, let it be said, things never were so. It´s a pity observing in what esteem their are held with, musicians born in the West-lndies, or musicians whose parents came from there, like: Art Taylor, Sonny Rollins, Wynton Keely, Cecil Payne, Walter Bishop, Kenny Drew, and many others. In Scandinavia and in Germany, André began a very good career side by side with musicians such as Idrees Sulieman, Leo Wright, Dexter Gordon, Kenny Drew, Benny Bailey, Ray Brown, Booker Ervin, Jaky Byard, Billy Brooks... But listening to a good record is so much more convincing than the text printed on the back of an album. From the "groovy blues" of the beautiful title 'Brother Meeting', to 'Astrakan' without forgetting another "groovy blues": 'Blues For Wes', 'Short B N', 'Poema' and 'Ballad For Annie'. André Condouant, Eddy Louiss, Percy Heath and Connie Kay will nothing but bewitch you, while confirming their value, if this was necessary.

André Condouant (g),
Eddy Louiss – as Edd Lou - (pno),
Percy Heath (bass),
Connie Kay (dms)

Tracks :
Brother Meeting (A. Condouant)
Blues for Wes (A. Condouant)
Short B.N. (A. Condouant)
Poema (A. Condouant)
Ballad for Annie (A. Condouant)
Astrakan (A. Condouant)

Currently OOP although the album was reissued on CD (by DEBS in the late nineties and in Japan) but good luck to find it! 


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  2. Thanks for the chance of hearing someone unknown to me.

  3. thank you didn't know it existed, superb band.
    what a lucky find that day good thing you did

  4. Boogieman, congrats with the anniversary! Proost!

  5. Happy anniversary, gelukkig nieuwjaar (a bit too early maybe) and THANKS A TON FOR THIS ONE!

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  7. Always heard of him, played a tune of him (Trane's Mirror), never heard him! Thanks to you, I'll finally hear him.

  8. Same here...He's a legend over here :) Thank you very much for the opportunity to actually hear him.

  9. Ce musicien est une merveille ! I'm listening to it right now with a trumpet friend of mine. All together we totalize 80 years of jazz listening ! We have to admit that Condouant is playing the hell damn good ! or damn hell good or whatever !

    Une question : Is it a rip from the LP... or the CD ?
    anyway sound is exceptional !
    thanks beaucoup !

  10. Merci Bhowani, ca fait toujours plaisir de lire que notre travail est apprécié. C'est un rip du LP original (trouvé sur une brocante il y a une quinzaine d'annees) et la qualité du son est le resultat du travail de Paul D. qui est passé maitre dans le nettoyage des vinyls.
    Andre Condouant est un musicien tres sous-estimé, sans doute parce qu'il a prefere rentrer chez lui en Guadeloupe.

  11. Beautiful sounds. Absolutely superb. Thanks, Boogieman!

  12. Hi... desespartely looking for a valid link ;)
    Thank you for the post! Amazing 'lost' LP!

  13. 2013 Re-up
    side A:
    side B:

  14. Thank you. Am looking forward to listening to a new guitarist.

  15. The album is absolutely fantastic, and i don't understand why it was never reissued, all the more as, from what i gather, Mr. Condouant is still alive.

    Anyway, I am French and discovered here probably the best French living jazz guitar player thanks to you. (I was originally searching for old vinyl recordings of Eddy Louiss - another amazing French Jazz musician, singer and composer, whose father, like Condouant, was from the West Indies.) SO MERCI MERCI boogieman.


    1. NB I meant i don't understand why the album was never reissued in Europe

    2. Bonjour et merci de vos commentaires. Je ne comprends pas non plus comment un musicien d'un tel calibre a pu rester aussi ignoré. Je vous invite a le decouvrir en tant que "sideman" sur les albums de Leo Wright postés plus recemment.