In memory of Johnny Peret

In memory of Johnny Peret
In memory of my friend Johnny Peret, vibist, drummer, accordeonist extraordinaire

Friday, March 4, 2011


ACT BIG BAND (Belgium, 1981)
If you've never heard ACT Big Band, prepare yourself to a major discovery!  One of the greatest "Deep Jazz" aggregation on the Continent ... and just another of Belgium's many well kept secrets!
ACT Big Band is drummer Felix Simtaine's dream come true. Almost a "who's who" of modern jazz in Belgium.  ACT second LP features exciting compositions by members and friends of the band.

Progressive writing and free improvisation are combined with these basic ingredients of big band jazz: intense swing and  richness of sound.

Four of the seven tracks were recorded Live at the Beursschouwburg, a theatre / concert hall in Brussels, in 1981.

A Who's Who of modern Belgian Jazz ?  Check this impressive roster of talents:

Felix Simtaine: drums and leader
Michel Herr: piano, conductor
Jean-Louis Rasinfosse : bass
Guy Cabay: vibes
Paolo Radoni: guitar
Steve Houben: alto & soprano sax, flute, conductor
John Ruocco: tenor, soprano sax
Robert Jeanne: tenor sax
Pierre Vaiana: tenor sax
Johnan Vandendriessche: baritone sax, piccolo
Alain Devis: trumpet, fluegelhorn
Nic Fissette: trumpet, fluegelhorn
Richard Rousselet: trumpet, fluegelhorn
Bert Joris: trumpet, fluegelhorn
Paul Bourdiaudhy: trombone
Andre Knapen: trombone
Jean-Paul Danhier: trombone, tuba

Side A of the LP
A.1. Bad Fever     composed & arranged by Michel Herr
A.2. Song for Micheline     composed & arranged by Michel Herr
A.3. I remember Barney          composed & arranged by Bill Frisell
A.4. Alliz Dog     composed and arranged by Felix Simtaine

Side B of the LP
B.1. For Peanuts   composed & arranged by Michel Herr
B.2. 43, Joy Street    composed & arranged by Bill Frisell
B.3. Nose Drops  composed and arranged by Steve Houben

If you like modern big band, don't miss this one. It can't get any better!  And leave a comment  ... and say thanks to my friend JC who assisted me patiently in the conversion from LP to MP3.
To the best of my knowledge, this album is OOP and unavailable on CD.


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  2. Nice one, needs a relisten, but the last track got me good [:-) thanks a lot.
    peace, E-mile

  3. thx for another slice of the michel herr story - appreciated
    Good luck

  4. thank you so much for this and the other Belgian treats! the Love Planet record is great! i'm wondering whether you might have another rarity apparently only released in Belgium: Triode - Live at Chapati Winter '78. the self-released debut LP by Bill Frisell's free fusion trio.

    thanks again and all the best,

  5. Thanks Ushaped. I do not have the Triode LP but I'll see whether anybody has a copy among my friends. A bit of patience and it might very well pop up.

  6. hi boogieman, thanks for the reply and for asking around. i've only just become aware of your blog and i'm very much enjoying your choices. it amazes me that there is still so much interesting and unique historical music yet to be heard.

    all the best!

    1. :o)

    2. Merci Isabelbc mais le lien ne fonctionne plus.
      Et ce n'est pas le même TRIODE mais j'aurais aimé l'ecouter néanmoins. En attendant tu peux écouter le Doctor Feelgood que je viens de poster. Ce ne sont pas les pubrockers anglais mais un groupe oublie de Boston. Bluesy prog avec flute. Enjoy!

  7. I ACT-ed immediately. Thanks

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  9. Thanks Sunbop, that would be great. If you send me a link i can post it, your contribution will be acknowledge. Sharing our love of music is what blogging is all about.

  10. Here you have the links.
    unfortunately the copy is not always satisfying. but at least you will have a good impression of the music. the files are lossless with front and cover image. I kept the sides complete.
    i heard some drum'n bass in one song, the kids will go crazy.
    keep the good work going boogieman

  11. I'm having some trouble getting these files? I'm using a mac so I don't know if thats the issue? But I keep being asked to download iLivid.exe instead of just downloading the original files? Am I clicking the wrong links or am I supposed to be a member of rapidshare or multiupload in order to access the files?

  12. I just got ahold of the file. However, when I unzip it I just get another zip file entitled "backside.zip2" and then I open that and it just keep creating more .zip files. Maybe it's because I'm using a mac? Did anyone else have this happen?

  13. I got it to work, thanks for sharing these! I've been a huge fan of Bill for many years now. It's such a treat to hear him in this early stage of his development. It's been like a research project finding all of these old recording of his. Anyway, thanks again! I really appreciate it.

  14. RE-POST

  15. ACT Big Band

    Hmm, a bit of a mixed bag, I thought. Many good parts certainly, but I didn't care for the "free" noise-making in the second-to-last track.

    This is probably an album I will have to listen to several times in order to come to a more definite conclusion, and chances are that it might grow on me then too. However that may be, thanks for the effort of ripping, presenting and making it available to us.