In memory of Johnny Peret

In memory of Johnny Peret
In memory of my friend Johnny Peret, vibist, drummer, accordeonist extraordinaire

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


The Free Form's Sextet (1966) 
Contemporary Music 
Music by Paul Lambert and Francis Joan
7" - 45 rpm - METEOR GV1536

(POST UPDATED 19/07/2017)

Atomic No.1 b/w Atomic No.2 

Paul Lambert     piano (leader)

Christian de Greves    double bass
Andre Stordeur  vibraphone, drums
John Van Rijmenaent   alto sax
Claude Deron  trumpet
Ronald Lecourt  vibraphonne

This is a very strange and pretty rare 45 rpm.  I always wondered what these guys had in mind when they recorded these two sides of free improvisation on a single 7" ... it was the format to be played on a Jukebox ... But the music is everything but jukebox-friendly!

When I bought the 45 - in the early 70's for the modest sum of 5 Belgian Francs (12.5 Euro Cents), it did not have a sleeve.  Actually I did not even know there ever was one until I saw the picture (above) on Discogs. 
It's probably the best investment I ever did: it is now worth well over 200 EURO (with the sleeve).
According to Discogs, "Rarest Belgian free jazz 45" ... Fair enough but I do not know many other Free Jazz 45's, unless on counts the Brussels Art Quintet as "free".


The identity of Paul Lambert was for a long time a mystery to me.  There are two references to "Paul Lambert" in Robert Pernet's comprehensive Discography of Belgium Jazz, and it is assumed that it is the same person.  But is it conceivable that a pianist who recorded a couple of MOR novelty jazz sides around 1944 would pop up 22 years later at the head of a free improvisation aggregation with musicians half his age? Pretty unlikely to me.

Guess No.2 : could it be the same Paul Lambert who  was the keyboard (organ /piano) player in Belgian prog/hard rock band Irish Coffee?  Based on the info found in Discogs, yes, it is and his alias as a composer was ... Francis Joan.
Paul Lambert died in a car accident on 2 November 1974 on the E17 nearby Haasdonk (Belgium).

Christian de Greves : no info

Andre Stordeur : Belgian electronic music composer

John Van RijmenantActive as a jazz saxophonist during the 1960s (he was guest saxophonist on Babs Robert & the Love Planet)  Belgian John Van Rijmenant, joigned prog-rock bands Waterloo (along keyboard player Frank Wuyts, later in Aksak Maboul) and Necronomicon (pre-Univers Zéro) in the early 1970s. In the mid-1970s, he formed a duo with Kris Shannon called Pneuma Two. Later in the 1980s, Van Rymenant played saxophone on Geoff Leigh and Frank Wuyts‘ LP ‘From Here To Drums’, on No Man’s Land, Germany, 1988. US violinist and composer Michael Galasso, (1949-2009) became famous in the 1990s as a film soundtrack composer (In The Mood For Love, 2000), though he first composed stage music for director Robert Wilson in the 1970s, and later collaborated with choreographers Karole Armitage or Lucinda Childs. His first disc, Scenes,  was recorded in Germany in 1982 and released by ECM in 1983.

Claude Deron : a trumpet player who played with Alexander Von Schlippenback - Globe Unity Orchestra, was a member of prog-rock / Canterbury influenced bands such as Arkham, Necronomicon and Univers Zero. 

Ronald Lecourt : vibraphonist / free improviser, part of the important Flemish Free Jazz scene that developped in Antwerp and Ghent in the late sixties. Played with the likes of Fred Van Hove, Cel Overberghe, Steve Potts, Noel McGhie ...

Francis Joan, credited as composer , is an alias for Paul Lambert.

Link to new rip in comments (19/07/17). 


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  2. No reaction to this very rare record? Very disappointing!

  3. Crazy music for a 45 and that's why I like it!
    Musicians with either a lot of balls or a good sense of humour !
    Thanks for posting

  4. Hi Phil,

    "Musicians with either a lot of balls or a good sense of humour" ?
    A bit of both, I assume, they're Belgians!

  5. i don't know this band but i like the belgian jazz scene, they had some crazy good performers, composers,.. Well wasn't the sax invented in Belgium?
    thank you boogieman

  6. Incroyable ! Je faisais des recherches sur Claude Deron (décédé dans un accident à l'âge de 43 ans) et je me retrouve sur votre blog ! Ce musicien était un véritable avant-gardiste ! Je peux en témoigner, sa fille est aussi la mienne !!! Merci à vous d'être aussi crasy about musik !!! Mo.

  7. Bonjour Mo, merci de ton commentaire, cela m'encourage a continuer. J'ai eu l'occasion de voir Claude Deron jouer, c'etait au 140 je crois, avec Nekronomicon (ou etait-ce Arkham ... j'ai la mémoire qui flanche).
    Je trouve regrettable qu'il ne soit même pas mentionné dans la liste des musiciens de jazz belge sur le site des Lundis d'Hortense. J'espère que ce n'est qu'un oubli et que bientôt il y figurera.
    Au revoir sur ce blog, j'espere.

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  9. NEW RIP (FLAC):