In memory of Johnny Peret

In memory of Johnny Peret
In memory of my friend Johnny Peret, vibist, drummer, accordeonist extraordinaire

Sunday, January 2, 2011


I posted this one on Nine Sisters last year but since the blog no longer exists, I re-post it here.
It’s not my favorite Charles Earland album, not even my favorite Earland album on Muse.  Don’t expect the burning raw energy of albums such as “Black Talk”.  Nevertheless, it’s certainly not a bad album and it has its moments.  The title track grooves nicely, in an easy-going and laid-back way.  As AMG puts it: “ The improviser swings hard and passionately on Wayne Shorter's "Tell It Like It Is," but his mellow side wins out on such congenial, groove-oriented jazz/R&B fare as pianist Neal Creque's "Cease the Bombing" and the originals "Sweety Pie," "World of Competition" and "Thinking of You." Even at his most relaxed, though, Earland's music is undeniably gritty. Among the noteworthy soloists employed this time are trombonist Clifford Adams, guitarist Oliver Nevels and the promising young tenor & soprano saxman Eric Alexander” . (Alex Henderson, All Music Guide).
Give it a try!

Track list:
1          I Ain't Jivin', I'm Jammin'
2          One for Andre
3          Tell It Like It Is          
4          Cease the Bombing    
5          Thinking of You
6          City Lights
7          World of Competition
8          Sweety Pie

Charles Earland                       Keyboards, Organ
Clifford Adams                       Trombone
Eric Alexander                        Sax (Soprano), Sax (Tenor)
Oliver Nevels                          guitar
Darryl Jones                            Bass (Electric)
Steve Cobb                             Drums
Tony Carpenter                       Percussion

Currently OOP.  Link in comments.

I've been searching YouTube but there ain't no live footage of Charles Earland. 


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  2. Wonderful,I have never heard the full album,thanks for the chance.Happy new year.

  3. Hi, just to let you know the tracklistings are not correct. I do know for a fact that track #8 is definitely "Cease the Bombing" which I knew earlier from a Grant Green recording. Upon further searching, the tracklisting should probably be:

    1. I Ain't Jivin' I'm Jammin'
    2. Thinking of You
    3. City Lights
    4. One for Andre
    5. World of Competition
    6. Sweety Pie
    7. Tell It Like It Is
    8. Cease the Bombing

    btw, good write up. This album should be reissued.

  4. Thanks Pete. I'll check the CD sleeve when i'll be back home, i' m currently overseas. I've already noticed that when i rip a CD, the titles appear thru' the web and it's not always the right ones.